Non-Essential Person — March 28, 1973

I wrote this toward the end of my Junior/Senior year in High School.

Non-Essential Person

Have you ever

                    Yes, I know you have.

Felt like no one

                    I know. I know.

Thought of you

                    But, of course, they do.

As an essential

                    Words – nasty little things!


                    Really, I must say!

Have you ever

                    I really dont think so.

Felt that no one

                    Well, I like it blue.

Was really listening

                    Well, its all his fault.

To what you were

                    No, its your fault!

Trying so hard

                    I dont care what others say!

To say?

                    Did you hear?

And people just dont

                    Marietta had a divorce!

Seem to

                    She left three brats


                    To her husband!

Although you scream and shout

                    She used to beat up

You know youre not heard

                    Her husband

Until you use

                    All the time.

The ultimate device

                    Such a pity!

To make them notice you?

                    Oh, to be sure!

You then decide

                    You know what happened?

To try it.

                    To Charlotte?

You write a note

                    She was raped!

So theyll understand


Why you did it.

                    Yes! And you know

Then you do it!

                    They say that

And all the

                    She encouraged him!

Gossiping biddies

                    And she is going to have

In town


Talk about you.

                    Did you hear what

But they dont

                    __________ did?

Understand you

                    I just cant understand him!

Because the dog

                    He seemed

Buried the note

                    So contented

You had left

                    With life.

Which explained

                    Oh, well!


                    He had to go sometime!

That you wanted

                    Wonder why he never


                    Said anything?

To know.

                    Makes no difference




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