I cannot be the wife you need — June 27, 2004

I cannot be the wife you need,
Or the best of moms for him,
I cannot even act my age,
With so many ages within.

I cannot be the sexy beauty,
But I can warm your heart and home.
And with there being so many of me,
For sure you’re never alone!

I can wash the dishes, clean your clothes
Hopefully before you run out of those.

I can stay by your side,
Being faithful and true,
Tho you may look at me saying
“Now…just who are you?”

I wish that I could be your peer,
On every level and all the time;
But the best that I can offer, dear
Is to be that only part of the time.

Actions speak louder than words, I am told
Yours tell me that you’ll love me when I’m old.

They say that some is better than none,
And I sure do hope that is true,
I know that what you give to me
Is far more than I can give to you.

Sometimes I feel helpless, so out of control,
Yet you still love me, body and soul.
When I feel so lost and so very alone,
You reach out to me to bring me back home.

You are truly a gift from our Abba above
Don’t know where I’d be without your love.


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