The Seasons of Time — April 22, 2005

The Seasons of Time

The seasons of time pass through
our mind
Flowing like so many rivers
of pictures
The feelings fly –
soaring through our hearts
Bringing the stabs with them.

We long to be free
To soar
To fly
On wings of healing
and angel lullabies
To be touched deep within
and freed from the sin
Of those who have hated us
abused us
or worse –
looked on in indifference
Allowing our cries
To fall on deaf ears
and hearts of stone
Leaving us with our abusers
All alone.

But You were there!
Longing to stop it.
Did You ever regret free will, O Lord?
Did You ever regret the freedom You gave?
To choose the bad along with the good?
To chose evil over right?
Curses over blessings?

I wonder
How I wonder

If, while You saw the hurt
and the pain
Did you regret making mankind?

©April 22, 2005

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