Out of the Ashes — October 7, 2005

Out of the Ashes

Out of the ashes she rises,
Determined to win, not to die.
Her life’s been stolen from her
Her childhood’s a mist, a sigh.

Her memories are veiled in fog,
Thick…and swirling…and gray.
Will light ever pierce the darkness?
Will she ever remember the way…

That her sister smiled and laughed
As they chased the hours away,
Singing and dancing and playing,
Their bodies starting to sway

To the rhythms of the drumbeat
As the chanting swelled so loud
And their hearts beat ever faster
Vainly trying to drown it all out?

But no! Those things are hiding
In the dark recesses of her mind,
Closed off…and covered up,
Like skeletons and gold in a mine

Long ago buried by thieving pirates
Trying to cover their evil deeds.
All she has now are glimpses
And flashes…like tiny seeds.

But seeds will sprout
And seeds will grow
And someday the memories will come.
Her mind will open
And she will know
The things to which they made her succumb.

There is evil and wickedness buried inside,
Awful deeds from which to hide.
But deeds do not a person make.
Our Lord came, her soul to take

Away from those who would enslave
Her body, soul and spirit.
They have no power any more.
Their claims are of no merit.

Although the memories
May locked in darkness be,
Her spirit, soul and body
Have now been set free.

20051007 copyright

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