Sweet Children of My Heart — February 10, 2008

Sweet Children of My Heart

I miss you, sweet children of my heart.
I never saw you before you were born.
You had to go, ripping us apart,
leaving my heart feeling sad and worn.

Three sweet babies, once so alive,
now I know that, in heaven, you thrive,
protected and held within His arm,
no one ever causing you harm.

I wonder what it would have been like
had you come to full term and seen light.
Would you have learned to ride a bike?
Would you have ever been in a fight?

I don’t know if you are boys or girls,
whether your hair is straight or in curls.
Would you have loved to sing and to write?
Would you have danced in the bright sunlight?

Would you have loved with all of your heart
and battled imaginary foes?
Would you have pledged to never depart
and used narrow sticks like stilettos?

Do you look like your dad or your mom?
Would you have lived life with much aplomb?
Would you have suffered hardships and pain?
Would your life have been filled with much rain?

Would you have experienced much wonder?
Or would life’s storms have swept you away?
Would your life have been torn asunder
if you had not gone home to Yahweh?

I like to think He protected you
when we were forced to bid you “adieu”,
that He took you home to keep your soul
and that, up there, you’re being kept whole.

February 10, 2008

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