Why? — August 26, 2008


I fall on the floor.
Do you even see what you’ve done to me?
Do you even care how my soul is laid bare
and my heart is bound by the cords you wound
around my core as you declared war…
on me?

Knocking on the door,
he calls to me to set me free.
But I cannot hear because your fear
has woven its thread all through my head.
So my ability to trust has turned to rust…
can’t you see?

I hate what you’ve done.
Throwing me down, you forbade my frown.
Using me up, you made me sup
of your wickedness, bestowing sickness
into my heart never more to part.
Why did you?

I want to run.
You broke my mind so I cannot find
myself anymore. There is no shore,
no boundary there. I cannot share.
I’m locked inside where I must hide.
Want your due?

I hate to hate.
Yet I wonder with heart torn asunder
if I would, if I could,
oh, my God, plant you in sod!
I guess it’s good I do what I should.
You ever cry?

I know of late
my mind is hazy, and feeling crazy.
Hope is draining. Grief is gaining.
My heart’s breaking. My body’s quaking.
You’re in my head and in my bed.
Say goodbye!!!

August 26, 2008

Broken Words – August 26, 2008

Broken Words

Messages were garbled. I don’t understand.
Weren’t the words clear from my hand?
Assumptions were made with questions unasked.
Understanding is hidden. Thoughts remain masked.

What can I do? What can I say?
Misunderstandings won’t go away.

It matters not what is said or how.
Nothing is changed. What do I now?
Broken thoughts caused broken hearts.
Broken words pierced like darts.

Everyone’s right. No one is wrong.
Pain’s the melody of each heart’s song.
Will love overcome? Hearts be set free?
This situation’s very sad to me.


© August 26, 2008

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