Shedding Tears — February 20, 2009

Shedding Tears

Shedding tears in the night…
What am I doing wrong?
I try so hard to sing in life,
but it feels I’ve lost my song.

I know that You provide
everything I need.
So why then do I cry
and feel the need to plead?

I know You’ve never given me
more than I can take.
So why do I still struggle so,
and frustration cannot shake?

Every action taken
requires so much more.
It’s hard to understand
what this situation’s for.

It takes all I’ve got
to do the simplest things.
Aren’t the winters supposed
to be followed by the springs?

My strength’s about gone
and I feel I’m failing You.
I know You have a plan
Help me, please, to see it through

Why can’t I just be content
with this tiny living space
that You have blessed us with?
I feel I’m such a disgrace.

I am so tired and weary
of trying to “work around”.
Why can’t I be a good example
and live like one heaven bound?

I truly want to love You
with everything I’ve got,
I really want to serve You
in every way I ought.

So what am I doing wrong
that I cannot simply rest?
I feel that I am failing
a very important test.

I must be missing something
You’ve written in Your word,
for I find it getting worse
and my hopes have been deferred.

What other reason could there be
for my persistent failure
to meet each day with grace and strength
just resting in my Saviour?

I do not know the answers
That is Your domain
and so far above me
and my wee brain.

So, I’ll just keep on trusting
that You will get me through,
and that You’ll keep on bringing me
to our final rendezvous.

February 20, 2009


2010 note…Yep, I have had struggles with my faith at times…with my perspective. I am SO thankful that I always get back on track, though. Yahweh has grown me…and He keeps on growing me!

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