Imperfections and Grace – July 4, 2010

Imperfections and Grace

My imperfections stare me in the face,
reminding me of why I need grace.
They shout at me and cling to my soul,
telling me to go back in my hole.

“Just give up”, they keep on saying,
but this is no game that we are playing.
Life is for real and, mistakes or no,
I must keep trying to share what I know.

I pray for kindness, gentleness and love,
the kind that can only come from above.
I want it to flow like rivers through me
to all the people around me you see.

I won’t give up no matter the cost.
There are too many out there still lost.
So on my knees I’ll beg and I’ll pray
to be given just the right words to say.

I want my ego out of the picture
L-rd knows my pride is such a fixture.
It gets in the way and really must go
So that, through me, only His love will show.


© July 4, 2010

4 Responses to “Imperfections and Grace – July 4, 2010”

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