Loving… — September 7, 2010


Sometimes loving means:
rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty,
walking into the mire to help someone else out of it,
accepting someone just as they are,
hugging someone others deem to be “undesirable”,
challenging someone you love to do better…
and then helping them to do it.

Sometimes loving means:
staying silent,
saying “yes”,
saying “no”.

Sometimes loving means only listening…
with an open heart,
an open mind
and open arms.

Love always means sharing something of yourself with another…
whether it is your time,
your talent,
your finances,
your laughter,
your tears,
your lessons learned,
your mistakes made.

Love always means giving your heart…
sometimes until it breaks…
or until it aches for the other person’s well-being.

Real love is often:
and desperately needed.

Real love can even mean dying for another.

Who has loved you?
Thank them today.

Who needs your love?
Give it to them today.


© September 7, 2010

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