Invisible — January 6, 2011


Walking the streets
am I even seen?
A bit of a smile here,
a tentative nod there,
Even a welcoming greeting.
but who’s it really for?

Do they see the little girl
who wishes for a daddy’s love?
Or the young boy
who longs for a real mama?
Do they see the young teen
who’s been filmed and used time and again,
the one who would really like
to find true love?

Different hearts with one face,
which one do they see?
The hearts? The face? Both?
Most don’t look beyond the face.
They don’t want to see below the surface
or be bothered with what’s in the heart.

They do not see the invisible scars
that wind throughout the mind.
They are unaware of the pain behind the eyes
so closely guarded for fear of rejection.
They only see bits of “odd” behaviours
things that don’t quite seem to fit.

Eccentricities? No, she’s too young for that,
but maybe she’s getting an early start?
“Moodiness”? Sudden changes of emotion?
Well, she is a woman, after all!
Most, though, won’t even see those things
for they are too busy to even look.

Invisible she is.
Invisible she’ll stay.
someone is willing to look beneath
the surface of the external
to the hurting wounded
that lie in her heart.

© January 6, 2011

3 Responses to “Invisible — January 6, 2011”

  1. meredith Says:

    Heartbreaking. Truly heartbreaking. What a life for a child… you never deserved this. Never.

    I see you. You matter. You always matter.

    • onesurvivor Says:

      Thanks, Meredith. I still feel mostly invisible. The face and body were seen, but the heart was hidden…invisible. Always was and, in many ways, still is. Only the “star” was seen…the external. And today? Now? Some of my heart is seen, but I still feel as if it is mostly the external part of me that is seen.

  2. meredith Says:

    Well, I think it’s okay that we’re just seeing a little of your heart while it heals. Sometimes, we just need to keep putting things out a wee bit at a time… and then try to find balance in the adjustment.

    I think you’re great!

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