Like a Child on Tiptoe — January 15, 2013

Like a Child on Tiptoe

Like a child on tiptoe
it sneaks up on me
and then strikes
with a ferocity
that almost takes
my breath away.

I am blindsided
as the intensity
of emotion
sweeps over me
to drown me.

Who knows
the cause
of this deep
that so fully
engulfs me?

Which deep wound
am I feeling now?
Which betrayal?
Which abuse?
Which loss?
Or is it something else?

There is only
one way out of this
sweeping tide…
hold on,
go through,
and breathe.

Yes, breathe.
The Breath of Life
must flow through me,
filling me completely
with His
healing Shalom.

I am the Creator’s
and He is
my guardian,
my Abba/Father,
my Messiah,
my Healer.

I wait upon Him.

January 15, 2013

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