The Puppet Master

Who are you and who am I? 
You worked so hard to blur the lines 
to splinter me into a thousand pieces 
and, yet, become one with you. 
You! Who are you? 
Who the heck are you? 
Do you even know 
as you do your master's bidding? 
I feel the pain inside me 
wanting to come out, 
but that is not all I see. 
I also see the pain inside you, 
the pain you try to hide 
behind, "I don't remember doing that". 
You triggered my programming 
every chance you got. 
You pushed me hard to make me break 
in order to keep you safe. 
You never could get that I did/do love you 
in spite of all you have done. 
I know you are broken. 
Do you? 
Are you as painfully aware of your brokenness 
as I am of mine? 
Or am I the first generation? 
I have prayed for you to find freedom 
as I have done, 
for your bonds to be released 
as mine have, 
for your heart and spirit to heal 
as have mine. 
I am not there, yet, 
and won't be until the end. 
But I am not what I was. 
I am no longer a puppet 
to be used for their purposes, 
for your purposes. 
You cannot pull my strings anymore
for they have been cut, 
I no longer respond to the cues, 
to the unspoken (and spoken) 
requests hiding behind your (and their) words and actions. 
No more acts. 
And though I'm still not fully healed 
from the blood that was shed 
or the acts committed 
I will continue to grow. 
I am strong in the Creator,
 not the one you tried
to make Him out to be, 
the real One. 
All glory to the One True God!

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