never…ever…give up — January 28, 2009

never…ever…give up

“jump here, jump there,
always play the game
life will never, never,
ever be the same”

“forget your dreams
forget your heart
just keep plugging along
forget your soul
forget your mind
this life is just a song”

“don’t be such a dreamer
wishing for something more
you’re stuck inside forever
you’ll never make the score”

“your wings are clipped
your mind has slipped
you’ll never learn to soar
your life is slight
not wrapped too tight
there’s never anything more”

but you don’t have
to believe the lies
they tell you
to your face
pick up the salve
and break the ties
it’s your due
win the race

so take your feet
and stay the course
freedom’s no small feat
stay in the race
run to the Source
you’ll someday see His face

you were made for freedom
despite what they might say
He came to set you free
He came to make a way

so hold on tight
and don’t let go
the day’s not finished yet
He will make right
and them He’ll show
before the Son has set

never…ever…give up!


© January 28, 2009

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