Rain – July 9, 2010


The sound of rain upon my roof
matches the rain inside my heart.
The pain of so many losses
Is keenly felt, tearing me apart.


©July 9, 2010

Sometimes – June 21, 2009


Sometimes it’s hard to see
the forest because of the trees.
Sometimes it’s hard to see
the ocean because of the waves.
Sometimes it’s hard to see
our families because of its members.
Sometimes it’s hard to see
our neighbors because of the fences.
Sometimes it’s hard to see
our friends because of the personalities.

There is Someone, though,
who always sees it all.
He calls upon us to love one another
as He loves us.

Sometimes, even though sisters,
we may struggle to be friends.
Sometimes, even though believers,
we may struggle to truly love.
Sometimes, even while truly loving,
we may struggle to understand.

There is coming a time when
there will be no mistakes.
There is coming a time when
there will be no mis-communications.
There is coming a time when
there will be no misunderstandings.
There is coming a time when
there will be no more sin
or anger
or hurt
or disagreements
or separation of body or soul.

I look forward to that time
when all will be made right.
When we will come together
in His harmony and light.
Until that time I will
hold you in my heart
And pray that you are well
while we are apart.



©June 21, 2009

Why? — August 26, 2008


I fall on the floor.
Do you even see what you’ve done to me?
Do you even care how my soul is laid bare
and my heart is bound by the cords you wound
around my core as you declared war…
on me?

Knocking on the door,
he calls to me to set me free.
But I cannot hear because your fear
has woven its thread all through my head.
So my ability to trust has turned to rust…
can’t you see?

I hate what you’ve done.
Throwing me down, you forbade my frown.
Using me up, you made me sup
of your wickedness, bestowing sickness
into my heart never more to part.
Why did you?

I want to run.
You broke my mind so I cannot find
myself anymore. There is no shore,
no boundary there. I cannot share.
I’m locked inside where I must hide.
Want your due?

I hate to hate.
Yet I wonder with heart torn asunder
if I would, if I could,
oh, my God, plant you in sod!
I guess it’s good I do what I should.
You ever cry?

I know of late
my mind is hazy, and feeling crazy.
Hope is draining. Grief is gaining.
My heart’s breaking. My body’s quaking.
You’re in my head and in my bed.
Say goodbye!!!

August 26, 2008

Safe Place — July 19, 2004

Safe Place

I’ve got a really nice smile on my face,
But tears, I know, will quickly follow.

I try to keep on looking happy,
But my chest feels empty and hollow.

“Come and play with us!” they said.
“At the playground called Safe Place.”

They told me all about the games there.
It sounds like fun. I want to play.

So I go tell my Mommy about Safe Place.
Is it OK to go there? Can I play?

So she checks out Safe Place, the games they play.
She says go ahead, you are big enough.

She writes me a note that says it is OK,
OK for me to play the games at Safe Place.

Yippee! I am so, so excited.
I get to make new friends at Safe Place.

I show them the note and they say, “come on in!
Welcome to you, here’s the rules, jump on in.”

We all hold hands and I join in the games.
I am so happy I have a big grin.

I am making new friends, we have such fun,
I have no idea what is to come.

After awhile, they’re unhappy with me,
Because I fell down and scraped my knee.

“You don’t belong here anymore” they say.
“You don’t fit in here at our Safe Place.”

“Did you ask your Mommy if it is OK?
Does she know you have come here to play?”

“Did you tell her the kinds of games we play?”
Oh, I did! I did! She said it’s OK.

She said I could come here and play with you.
She said I could come here to Safe Place.

“Does she really know how big you need to be?”
Oh yes, she saw the games. She said I’m big.

“We’re so sorry. We saw you fall and we can see
That you’re too little – you’ve scraped your knee.”

But I’ve scraped it before, it’s really OK.
I know what to do, and I always heal.

“We can’t take a chance with you here at Safe Place.
You can’t change our minds – decision’s been made.”

“We know that you’re fun and that you play well,
But it does not matter because you fell.”

But my Mommy really said I could play,
That I’m big enough for the games.

“We are really sorry, but we can’t take a chance.
Your Mommy must tell us that you can play.”

Why won’t you believe me when I say
That she knows I play and thinks it OK?

“Our minds are made up, it’s no use to talk.
You can’t play anymore here at Safe Place.”

I’ve got a really nice smile on my face,
But tears, I know, will quickly follow.

I try to keep on looking happy,
But my chest feels empty and hollow.

I played the games so well, I don’t understand
Why they won’t believe me, I feel so sad.

I cannot figure out what I did wrong,
I followed the rules. I did nothing bad.


So I will play with all my other friends
At the other playground down the street!

Big Smile!


© July 19, 2004

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