I’m more than just a “shell” — September 21, 2007

I’m more than just a “shell”

I’m more than just a “shell”
more than just a “costume”
that insiders come out and put on.

What am I?
Who am I?
I am host…
but am I really separate?
or just a reflection of everyone else?
what is my job?
I share my job
I feel what they feel
when they come forward
I no longer feel separate
am I ever really separate
yes…so I am more than just a shell
more than just a “costume”
but what exactly am I?
I seem to be different from the ones inside
but am I really?
I am both an actor in my own right
and yet I also seem to be the holder of others
the “shell” or “costume”
what is my reality?

I’m more than just a “shell”
or a “costume” with no voice
until someone comes along
and gives me one!

I am my own
and yet I am not
who am I?
what am I?
am I just a prop?
useful only to others
and not to myself?

I’m more…aren’t I????????


© September 21, 2007

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