A warrior?

I am not a warrior.

And yet I am.

I just want to live my life peacefully.

Yet, I cannot ignore what I know.

In my heart I hear their cries,
the cries of the ones still trapped,
locked in the chains of abuse.

How can I not fight for them at least on some level?

My survival, my struggle, my victories,
in some small way,
help to tear down the walls of abuse they have raised up.

I am proof one can survive and even thrive.
And there are many like me,
a small army fighting for truth and freedom.

We are trying to pave the way for others to be pulled out of that darkness.

So living my life, in and of itself, makes me a warrior.
Every time I share the truth, I am a warrior.
Every dollar I spend on organizations rescuing those enslaved, makes me a warrior.

I will continue to speak
for those who have no voice,
for those being tortured,
used for organ and adrenochrome harvesting,
filmed in pornography,
all to satisfy the greed and sick lusts of
demonic evil embodied in people.

I bear the scars.
I have wounds no one should have to have.
How can I remain silent while others are getting those same wounds?

NO! Until every last one is rescued and every trafficker is jailed,
I am thrust into the role of a warrior.
I have no choice.
I am driven out of gratitude for having been rescued myself.

A warrior?
Yes. I can be nothing less.

An October Poem — October 30, 2012

When darkness falls upon the seas
and the wind starts howling through the trees,
when the bloodlines of history converge
and descendants gather with an unholy urge
to color red their pristine finds
considering themselves to be of greater minds
than the captive ones whose hearts they steal
in a ceremony they think is real,
what they don’t know is that true power
does not come from the bleed
and true freedom comes from the Seed
of the woman and Spirit in that hour
when you surrender all
to the One who was here
before the Fall
the One who someday makes all things new
the One to Whom true allegiance is due
for it is by His hand that we are made
and by His hand we will be re-made
in the time coming long ago foretold
by the ancient ones they paid heed
before their souls were sold
for the sake of greed
and power
causing their life blood to sour
and ruin the futures of the ones to follow
while in evil they did wallow.

But farther on down the line
in a future place and time
one was freed
by trusting the Seed
of the woman and the Spirit.

One would live and another would die
trapped within the destructive lie
that there really was no way out
despite how you kick and scream and shout
and struggle to break the bond
that holds you tight and won’t release
as if you are locked within the valise
of a perverted vagabond.

So with freedom’s wings the heart soars
the shofar blows
and Y’hudah’s lion roars.

There’s no more joining
with bloodline clans
with coloring red
or man’s plans.

There is simply
connection with the Creator
and freedom.

For Me…For Him — July 26, 2009

For Me…For Him

For me it’s the walls closing in.
For Him it was flesh, bones and skin.
For me it’s working with a broken mind.
For Him it was working through humanness entwined.
For me it’s the pain of a sinful heart.
For Him it was living a human part.

For me…for Him


© July 26, 2009

Sometimes – June 21, 2009


Sometimes it’s hard to see
the forest because of the trees.
Sometimes it’s hard to see
the ocean because of the waves.
Sometimes it’s hard to see
our families because of its members.
Sometimes it’s hard to see
our neighbors because of the fences.
Sometimes it’s hard to see
our friends because of the personalities.

There is Someone, though,
who always sees it all.
He calls upon us to love one another
as He loves us.

Sometimes, even though sisters,
we may struggle to be friends.
Sometimes, even though believers,
we may struggle to truly love.
Sometimes, even while truly loving,
we may struggle to understand.

There is coming a time when
there will be no mistakes.
There is coming a time when
there will be no mis-communications.
There is coming a time when
there will be no misunderstandings.
There is coming a time when
there will be no more sin
or anger
or hurt
or disagreements
or separation of body or soul.

I look forward to that time
when all will be made right.
When we will come together
in His harmony and light.
Until that time I will
hold you in my heart
And pray that you are well
while we are apart.



©June 21, 2009

Who Gets Me Through? — April 12, 2009

Who Gets Me Through?

I cling to You.
What more can I do?
I know that I will never
make it through this
dark night alone.
I need You to
lead me and guide me.
No one else will do.

So take my hand, please
and never let go.
Carry me through
this dark night of soul.
I am glad You are with me
wherever I go.
In good times and bad
You preserve my soul.

It is only You, Yeshua,
who gets me through.


© April 12, 2009

Standing Free – February 28, 2009

Standing Free

Seize the day!
Grab the moment!
We haven’t got time to spare!

We’ve got to run
as fast as we can
like a frightened little hare.

They want to keep us
always afraid
with never a chance for peace.

Well, the jokes on them
for we’ll not stay
where heartaches never cease!

“Ha,” I say.
Although they try,
they cannot hold us here.

For we refuse
to live their ways
and stay in constant fear.

We will stand free
for this I know:
we were never really theirs.

For we gave our heart
when we were young
to the One eternally there.


© February 28, 2009

never…ever…give up — January 28, 2009

never…ever…give up

“jump here, jump there,
always play the game
life will never, never,
ever be the same”

“forget your dreams
forget your heart
just keep plugging along
forget your soul
forget your mind
this life is just a song”

“don’t be such a dreamer
wishing for something more
you’re stuck inside forever
you’ll never make the score”

“your wings are clipped
your mind has slipped
you’ll never learn to soar
your life is slight
not wrapped too tight
there’s never anything more”

but you don’t have
to believe the lies
they tell you
to your face
pick up the salve
and break the ties
it’s your due
win the race

so take your feet
and stay the course
freedom’s no small feat
stay in the race
run to the Source
you’ll someday see His face

you were made for freedom
despite what they might say
He came to set you free
He came to make a way

so hold on tight
and don’t let go
the day’s not finished yet
He will make right
and them He’ll show
before the Son has set

never…ever…give up!


© January 28, 2009

On the Altar — April 23, 2005c

On the Altar

On the altar stone so cold
Lay the child all alone.
Bare of skin she naked lies
As they secure her with magic ties.

Across her stomach
Across her chest
Across her legs
Her arms and neck.

Invisible are they
And out of sight
But securely they hold
And very tight.

Incantations fill the air.
Fight, fight, if you dare.
But no – the ties now hold her tight
Strong as chains – dark as night.

Rama, rama eli lan
Rama, rama pontis can
What be the words – what do they speak?

In Y’shua’s name I break the curse.
In Y’shua’s name I cancel the program.
In Y’shua’s name the track will fail.
In Y’shua’s name I refuse the mail
That’s sent on wings of demons
It flies, but there’s a wall
between it and me.
In Y’shua’s name there’s failed delivery.

I am free
No more am I theirs
A slave set free
No more to be shared.

©April 23, 200511:30 p.m.

The Seasons of Time — April 22, 2005

The Seasons of Time

The seasons of time pass through
our mind
Flowing like so many rivers
of pictures
The feelings fly –
soaring through our hearts
Bringing the stabs with them.

We long to be free
To soar
To fly
On wings of healing
and angel lullabies
To be touched deep within
and freed from the sin
Of those who have hated us
abused us
or worse –
looked on in indifference
Allowing our cries
To fall on deaf ears
and hearts of stone
Leaving us with our abusers
All alone.

But You were there!
Longing to stop it.
Did You ever regret free will, O Lord?
Did You ever regret the freedom You gave?
To choose the bad along with the good?
To chose evil over right?
Curses over blessings?

I wonder
How I wonder

If, while You saw the hurt
and the pain
Did you regret making mankind?

©April 22, 2005

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