Who Gets Me Through? — April 12, 2009

Who Gets Me Through?

I cling to You.
What more can I do?
I know that I will never
make it through this
dark night alone.
I need You to
lead me and guide me.
No one else will do.

So take my hand, please
and never let go.
Carry me through
this dark night of soul.
I am glad You are with me
wherever I go.
In good times and bad
You preserve my soul.

It is only You, Yeshua,
who gets me through.


© April 12, 2009

On the Altar — April 23, 2005c

On the Altar

On the altar stone so cold
Lay the child all alone.
Bare of skin she naked lies
As they secure her with magic ties.

Across her stomach
Across her chest
Across her legs
Her arms and neck.

Invisible are they
And out of sight
But securely they hold
And very tight.

Incantations fill the air.
Fight, fight, if you dare.
But no – the ties now hold her tight
Strong as chains – dark as night.

Rama, rama eli lan
Rama, rama pontis can
What be the words – what do they speak?

In Y’shua’s name I break the curse.
In Y’shua’s name I cancel the program.
In Y’shua’s name the track will fail.
In Y’shua’s name I refuse the mail
That’s sent on wings of demons
It flies, but there’s a wall
between it and me.
In Y’shua’s name there’s failed delivery.

I am free
No more am I theirs
A slave set free
No more to be shared.

©April 23, 200511:30 p.m.

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