Waves of Pain — January 24, 2007

Waves of Pain

Wave upon wave of pain
Beat against my heart
Pounding and pounding
As if to rend it apart

I gasp and I shudder
I moan and I rock
Like a boat without rudder
Nor mooring nor dock

Beset in a storm
With the wind and rain
Coming against me
Is all in vain?

I yearn for an anchor
To grab hold of to steady
This ship of my healing
Until I am ready

To face what it is
That makes my heart pound
As I try to look at
Things that astound

No one can see it
Nor can they feel
The intensity of pain
That causes me to reel

Like a drunken sailor
On a wave driven ship
Tossed to and fro
And ill-equipped

To handle life’s challenges
In a steady way
Living in yesterday
Along with today

But I know a Captain
With skills so fair
He takes on the Wheel
And He’ll get me there

He will take me
Upon the high seas
Away from this storm
With its miseries

January 24, 2007 ©

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